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The prospect of talks to amend the draft deal is unlikely as an agreement is “on the table”.
Saudi prosecutor says an intelligence officer ordered the writer’s murder and not the crown prince.
A lawsuit is filed against the US manufacturer over an alleged design fault with its 737 Max jet.
A homeless man and couple who crowdfunded thousands have been charged with conspiracy and theft.
Planned payments of $9.8m will be withheld after anti-gay comments by a senior Tanzanian politician.
The short cartoon pre-dates the creation of Mickey Mouse.
Dozens of security officials have been held as Prime Minister Abiy tackles corruption and rights abuses.
Refugees in crowded Bangladesh camps are refusing to return to Myanmar, from where they fled violence.
The US president says an inquiry into his election campaign is a “mess” and a “disgrace”.
A former Macedonian leader facing prison is claiming asylum in Hungary, the government confirms.