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The number of cases has doubled in less than a week, according to the latest figures.
Capt Brett Crozier had pleaded for quarantine to prevent deaths aboard a US aircraft carrier.
The national convention to crown the party’s choice to face President Trump is postponed to August.
Both Spain and the US also announced huge spikes in the number of jobless on Thursday.
British-born Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was convicted of beheading Daniel Pearl in 2002.
Joe ‘Exotic’ is among the 146,000 federal inmates the US prisons bureau is placing in quarantine.
More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week as the coronavirus spreads.
Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic broke EU law by rejecting refugees, the top EU court says.
US President Donald Trump says he expects Saudi Arabia and Russia to strike a deal in the next few days.
Zezico Guajajara is the latest activist to be killed in a campaign to protect Brazil’s indigenous land.