The presidents of Venezuela and Iran have joined forces to wage economic war on the US, using oil and our financial systems to destroy American imperialism.

Other than a mutual hatred of America, these two leaders have little else in common except oil. And they’ve discovered that oil can be more effective a weapon against the United States, Britain and Western Europe, than all the terrorist bombs Al-Qaeda can imagine.

Speaking at a welcoming ceremony earlier this year outside the presidential palace in Caracas, where Caesar Chavez personally greeted the Iranian president… “We will continue resisting to the end in the face of imperialism,” Ahmadinejad said. “And the age of imperialism has ended.”

The two leaders are becoming strange bedfellows, uniting forces and ideologies to create a unified war on the U.S., using oil as a vital weapon in an effort to create an economic collapse of our system. Meanwhile, our present Administration is blissfully ignorant of this already declared war, while fighting the self-imposed war in Iraq and the international battle against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

We cannot help but note the historic similarities to the men pictured right. While these two did not target the U.S. in particular, both had issues with American policies and actions in World War One. Like the subjects of our story, these two created an alliance for the mutual benefit of each other, to the harm of the rest of Europe.

This war will not be fought in the streets, nor on the beaches, but in the halls of economics, the market houses, and Wall Street. The battles are in the commodity exchanges, where traders influenced by either of these two leaders create plausible, but unsubstantiated stories intended to drive the price of oil higher; a job they’re doing quite well. If these two remain unchecked, and the Administration remains silent, we could easily see $10 a gallon oil within a year, as each winning move they make is succeeded by another and yet, another.

It took great men to defeat Hitler and Mussolini. Men who led the greatest generation. Men who with only a radio address, could inspire their people by demonstrated leadership and courage, by international skills, and diplomatic prowess. People like Churchill and Roosevelt, who despite personal problems, took command in a time of crisis and worked tirelessly to achieve an end to tyrannical rule.

So we ask, when will Washington take note of the economic battles raging all around us? When will they see the prices of oil are manufactured? Perhaps never, while oil-men rule the White House. But change is coming, and we hope that new leadership brings new results.