Hundreds of meetings to discuss fighting, repealing, replacing Obamacare; millions of dollars spent on party conferences to debate just how to say no. Yet with all these meetings, conferences and discussions, none of them managed to hold a single conversation that would result in a better solution that would appeal to American voters, Republicans, Conservatives, moderates and center-rights. Not one meeting with GOP governors, nor any inquiries about what would make healthcare work in America. No meetings with stakeholders, either.

One Goal…

Destruction of anything Obama had his name on. No matter the cost, the impact, or the damage it may do, the Democratic legacy must be wiped from the face of the earth. As they focused initially on the first Black president, they realized it looked bad, so they expanded their animosity as far back as Woodrow Wilson.

Zero Morals…

The repeal of Democrat-crafted laws means they’re literally attacking all decent American values. Programs that feed children, create jobs, educate our young, build business, protect our veterans, take care of our elderly, ensure clean air and drinking water, shelter our homeless, and aide our disabled, protect the right to vote… These they want to destroy.

The moral values, the humanity, the decency that made America great are missing in the Republican Party today and have been for years. There has been a decreasing sense of values in the party that claims to represent true American values and patriotism.

We say this: If it is somehow patriotic to take away rights, liberties or privileges from people, or cause harm to disabled citizens, then that sense of American values means nothing less than terrorism. That ideology of removing protections and hurting Americans is exactly what our enemies want. Treason. By all definition, treason.