If one studies the history of revolutions since the dawn of civilization, one finds an amazing pattern. It is simply that humans will accept just so much abuse before they will rise up and reject those who seek to suborn their rights, liberties and freedom.

From the slaves of Ancient Rome, to the serfs of early twentieth-century Russia, people can accept just so much intolerance and abuse. Once they reach their boiling point, there is no turning back. Revolt is inevitable.

The GOP and current administration are not only pushing the envelope, they’re pushing the average American to the brink of revolt.

If they understood their constituents, perhaps they might listen less to billionaires and corporate interests. But they do not listen, ne’er mind understand. They are taking away the fundamentals people in this country have relied upon for their confidence in this nation since the Great Depression.

Every so often, their bad economic leadership brings us to financial ruin – almost every single financial crisis since the Civil War resulted during a Republican-led government. They won’t accept this, but it’s a documented fact.

Every single time recovery has been made, it has been a Democratic government enacting laws to correct the GOP’s mistakes and improving the lives of the people, offering them hope, and a reason to remain loyal.

This time, after they’ve sought to harm clean air, fresh water, retirement benefits, salary increases, healthcare, protections against costs of catastrophic illness, education, and jobs. They’ve lied to the American public to such an extent that most Americans, except the loyalist voters in their districts or states, know better.

They are setting this country up for a new American Revolution. We’ve had two so far – one to kick out foreign rule, the second over states rights and slavery. Now we face the prospect of a third. When it happens, and it will, the cause will be the way the Republican party is presently attempting to undermine every protection created since Woodrow Wilson was president.

This is not good for our people, our nation, our place in world society, or our future. If they mismanage things further, the Resistance could well become the Revolution.