Perhaps since the dawn of civilization, Syria has been a crossroads—a multi-cultural, multi-national place. The Silk Road passes right through, giving it the opportunity for great wealth from trade and commerce. Yet despite all its potential, Syria remains in a constant state of civil war, and its leaders prefer to be puppets of Russia and Iran than free, independent people.

This abandonment of sovereignty was quite easy. They forfeited their authority in favor of wealth and personal enrichment. Satisfaction for these imitation potentates comes in the form of images of their leader plastered on every possible surface, while he makes his people starve or die for his vanity, and that of his family. The cruelty must end.


The concept of Western leaders has been to isolate and implement sanctions, in the hope the people would rise up and kick the dictatorial leaders out. It was a foreign policy filled with error and idiocy. The policy is the best path for failure. Opening Syria to foreign influence is not the path to success for the Syrian people. The West has only made the power vacuum there stronger, easing the way for Russia to become the puppeteer.

Meanwhile, the people of this incredible country are forced to turn to crime simply to survive. The mismanaged power control of Syria has opened the doors to the decimation of the people, a refugee crisis, and continued, endless civil war. Boys and men abducted and ‘disappeared,’ neighbors stealing from neighbors or killing each other for some small, temporary gain.

These people need relief and support. Sanctions have only helped the current regime. Walk down any street throughout the country and you’ll see posters, signs, and statues of the current president of the nation. You will not find an open society. Nor one in which commercial success results in wealth reflecting the country’s resources.

The wealth of Syria is drained away from the public into the coffers of the regime and its criminal leaders. It must end without further death and suffering of the people. The way to end the Syrian refugee crisis is to make Syria whole and free from tyranny and oppression. Revolution from within will not work in a police state.

The only form of action possible in Syria is for the Western Allies to lay down a military ultimatum on the current regime. They could leave peacefully, or face the same fate as Saddam Hussein. It is, not coincidentally, the same political party—the Ba’ath, with its roots in Nazi Germany—that leads the country. Like the Iraqi Ba’ath, it must be dismantled from without. It cannot be eradicated from within.

If a citizen speaks ill of their leaders, they are harmed, or likely killed. The country is a police state, keeping the people penned up like sheep.  External intervention is the only way to make things better.  It is quickly rising to a level of necessity.

One family, once quite affluent is now reduced to pennies per day in income. They own a small olive grove of eight trees and belong to an olive oil cooperative that provides most of their annual income. When harvest time arrived, their neighbors, under the cover of darkness, harvested half the trees, stealing half the family’s income. Others, jealous that the family had solar power, climbed upon their roof to damage the old system.  Currently, the people in that city only get three hours of electrical power per day. Without their solar panels functioning, they cannot do much of anything. The power isn’t scheduled. It may go on in the middle of the night or afternoon. It is torture.

The Syrian people are creative, inventive, and carry in their genes, the wisdom of more than five thousand years of civilization. It is a crime of the West to allow them to remain so oppressed. The thing to do is free them, and welcome Syria back into the freedom loving nations of the world.