With brazen boldness from their recent election successes, the Tea Party movement is expressing their new found empowerment as it tries to rest control from established leaders in Washington.

Outrageously behaved, often inaccurate, impolite and candidly, rude, Tea Party members have recently been parading a “hit list” of lawmakers the party plans to remove from office, one way or another.

Olympia SnoweTea Party Express last Thursday, added two more top legislators to its “2012 Tea Party Target List” – Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan and Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine.

The language in a press release is emblematic of how Tea Party activists appear to be growing ever more audacious.

“Stabenow has been an advocate for the big government nanny state, forgetting that we the people tell the government what to do, not the other way around,” said Amy Kremer,Tea Party Express Chairman. She went on, “We think it’s only appropriate that the Senate be more fair and balanced by replacing her with a constitutional conservative.”

“Both senators are tireless workers, not only for their states, but also for national interests, and their ouster from the Senate would be a serious blow to the Senate and the Nation” said Stephen Chisholm, a Washington political analyst with The Epicurus Institute. In an official statement, the Institute declared “to remove such leaders and replace them with revolutionary constitutional conservatives, as proposed by the Tea Party Express would serve only to destabilize the Senate and is clearly a disservice to the American people.”

Senator Snowe, in particular, has a wealth of expertise in small business and other matters, and while generally conservative, she votes her conscience and the will of the people of her state in the Senate.

Tea Party members, who often use such phrases as “we want our country back” are, from statements they’ve made, unfamiliar with the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the history of our founding as a nation. In a recent email to supporters, Kremer said “Olympia Snowe dishonors the notion that the Republican Party is supposed to be the fiscally conservative, constitutionalist political party in America.”

Clearly, the Tea Party is revolting against the Republican leadership, as well as liberal Democrats, whom they call “socialists”. Factually, the Republican Party is not historically that of the fiscally conservative constitutionalists as the Tea Party believes. Through its many years, the Grand Old Party has often swung to the liberal side, and Lincoln, essentially its’ founding father freed the slaves and was considered in his time, a social liberal.

Southern Democrats, up to the mid 1960’s were considered the conservatives, while Republicans, including Ronald Reagan, were considered liberals.

The grave fear about the Tea Party is that they could establish an independent third party for 2012, causing harm to the Republican party in both the Presidential and Congressional elections, essentially insuring a re-election for President Obama and potentially angering Democratic voters so much that Democrats could recapture many of the House seats won by Tea Party candidates in 2010.

This would be nothing but good news for John Boehner, who is already beginning to see that the are in revolt against his leadership.

One of their key slogans is “What would the Founding Fathers do?” Well, clearly, they’d ignore this radical wing and do the right things, for despite their own stand in the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers were all wealthy, aristocratic, well-educated men who were the cream of American society. They would never sanction the behavior of a radical, dangerous movement intent on disrupting stable government. It was the goal of those men to create, not destroy or upset the normal progress and operation of government.

“Revolting,” said one Washington political leader “how the Tea Party has managed to radicalize Washington and is making the 112th Congress a place where little of any positive worth will happen. Negativity does not create laws, it merely prevents good lawmaking from happening.”

Attempting to appease this faction, the Republicans have pledged $100 Billion in spending cuts. However, Tea Party leaders are evidently not savvy enough to figure out that such a sum is merely 10% of $1 Trillion, but our budget exceeds that just for a year in Afghanistan alone, not counting any other military, or domestic spending.

Also of grave concern, this same sort of nationalist fervor was expressed back in the early 1930’s, in which a European country demanded their rights as a nation. In troubled times, the fearful and naive are always drawn to charismatic radicals such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and Hussein. However, we must remind ourselves that such leaders invariably bring us not to constitutional government, but to totalitarian states.