In the United States, impeachment of Federal government officials, from judges to the President is reserved for such crimes which are abuses of office or crimes against the nation. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached, and acquitted. Richard Nixon escaped impeachment by resignation.

In our nation’s laws, few crimes, if any, can be as serious as treason. Collusion with the military forces, including but not limited to, intelligence services of any foreign power, resulting in a disruption of our political process is, by all reasonable definition, the highest possible crime any government official, be they elected or appointed, could possibly commit.

Acts of impeachment, to be successful, require a supermajority of the Congress, or two-thirds vote. Whether that is possible in this present Congress is a serious question. Personally, I believe that it is, though this will not be based on political affiliation, but on the future of the Republican Party.

Never, in my lifetime, nor since the dawn of this great nation, has any political party aligned itself so poorly to an overwhelmingly disliked platform and dogma, as have the Republicans. They have sided, not only with the agenda of negativism, but aligned themselves with the most unpopular President in over 150 years.

To win any act of impeachment, Democrats must take the drastic and difficult step of convincing the moderate and extreme wings of the Grand Old Party that failing to support impeachment will not only cost them votes, but will give aid and comfort to our enemies, for which they will be blamed even more than they are now, but also that blame will extend past the White House, to every state capitol, each town council, every elected judge or clerk, throughout this land. The Republican Party will cease to exist, and be replaced, I fear, by a collection of small, insignificant, factional political organizations, each with distinct purposes, remaining disconnected and incongruous for generations.

They must become convinced, beyond all measure, that the risks they face in not impeaching, are far greater, by any measure, than those they’ll face if they do. The recent failed effort at the healthcare bill, and the vicious attacks on the things the people hold near and dear to their hearts, and the voices of the people at town halls across this great land give any reasoned person pause to believe that the population of this country are rejecting authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, but most of all, the hacking and interference of our most precious national possession – the vote.

It is easier, for any politician to explain what he or she did for the nation’s values and security, than to explain what they failed to do.

The removal from office of a high-ranking elected official, including the President of the United States, requires both impeachment, akin to an indictment in criminal law, and then a trial in the United States Senate, with the possibility of conviction, and subsequently removal from office. This is an arduous process.

Americans have been betrayed, not only in their vote, but in the proper governance of our nation, as well as in the promises made to our people. While political promises are usually promises broken, this last election saw a salvo of targeted, focused lies perpetrated upon the voting masses.

Democrats, and many Republicans are sitting up and taking note of the will of the people. We must enforce that, or live, I fear to say, with the consequences of inaction.

May God bless and preserve the United States.