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Despite some last-minute jitters in Washington, regulatory relief looks to be coming for small and medium-size banks.
Venture capital is seen as private equity�s more glamorous cousin and that�s no surprise, but there is a wrinkle.
New program lures more licensing customers to the cloud but at a cost to some visibility.
The $100 billion question for the world�s second-largest insurer: is it an insurance firm or is it a technology firm?
A 2018 listing for Aramco, potentially the world�s most valuable company, looks increasingly unlikely. Interests might align in the Far East, however, a year or two down the line.
The world has felt more normal in recent months, in economic terms at least, but things are still far from settled. The widening gap in a key bond trade is one piece of evidence, which also highlights the puzzle of the weaker dollar.
Facebook�s huge business rides on user trust, and that could be in danger for the social network.
The world�s top shopping mall companies are betting that e-commerce isn�t such an existential threat. The latest sign is a tentative bid for U.K. real-estate investment trust Hammerson from its French peer Klépierre.
For the past two years, investors have bought and sold shares of pipeline owners for all the wrong reasons. Now there is a chance to buy them for the right ones.