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Inflation, less central bank bond buying, an increase in supply�there are plenty of reasons for Treasury yields to go a lot higher this year.
It isn�t a happy new year for dollar bulls, with the currency starting 2018 by falling to a three-year low. The weak dollar has consequences elsewhere for central banks and markets�but isn�t necessarily something to be feared.
Patience from biotechnology investors may be needed this year, but it will be rewarded in the long run.
The Japanese tech conglomerate is considering listing its cash-cow domestic telecoms unit. That should help boost its valuation, but investors should watch it doesn�t waste the money raised
Fourth-quarter results for two of America�s largest banks highlight JPMorgan Chase�s resilience and Wells Fargo�s continued befuddlement..
Janet Yellen can take a victory lap about inflation on her way out as Federal Reserve chairwoman. She has been saying the weakness in last year�s inflation readings was transitory, and she was right.
The breadth of the global economic growth pickup is lifting even longstanding laggards. European stocks are a case in point�but the potential for catch-up remains appealing.
Chipmaker�s business should keep growing strong, but its expensive stock may be in for a breather.
Luxury group Kering is seizing the chance to offload Puma at a price that just about covers its purchase cost 11 years ago.