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Lodging and Hospitality has become one of the biggest and most complex businesses in the world.
When corporations grow, it is natural for senior management, the true decision makers, become insulated from the fundamental operation of the business.
After a three-year lull, CFOs, CEOs and investors are regaining their appetite for mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and other strategic transactions.
Questions of organizational structure and strategy are perennial issues though they don’t usually grab the headlines.
Controlling the costs of operating a restaurant is often a very tricky thing. One needs to balance the labor, food and liquor cost against sales in order to make any sort of realistic profit.
Restaurants and their suppliers comprise one of the world’s largest industries and perhaps its most unpredictable: successful restaurants have to learn to constantly adjust to people’s buying habits, even in a recession.
Foodservice, we believe, consists of two separate areas of the industry: Catering and Special Events; and Institutional Foodservice.
Your friends and colleagues are telling you to expand, opening in places like China, Vietnam, India, Brazil and Thailand.
At Epicurus we believe that in the restaurant business, quality must be paramount when it comes to customer service.
In the past decade, the restaurant industry has been under constant barrage from ecologists and ‘green’ organizations about the high volume of waste generated by our industry