Gore Vidal, a chronicler of American history passed away yesterday.  He once said:

“The United States was founded by the brightest people in the country – and we haven’t seen them since.”

Isn’t it amazing that the brightest in our history had no phones, yet coordinated a war, ran a do-something Congress and led a revolution. No Facebook, Tweets or computers, yet with a quill pen and ink they managed to communicate a body of thought to last hundreds of years. One of them discovered electricity, but there were no wires then, so they read by candlelight. Still, they saw more; did more than we do with power, the ability to travel the globe and to read any book electronically.

Yet these founders were capable, and with our modern lifestyle, technology and conveniences, we have a do-nothing Congress, largely dim-witted and stupid. How can we elect people who don’t even know the basic tenets of the Constitution they are sworn to uphold?

Today, we’ve gone from a nation of great promise and wealth to one that can’t even approve a budget. We’ve gone from leadership the likes of Washington, Franklin, Adams and Jefferson to Palin, Cantor, Bachmann and Romney. Such is the rate of American progress in the past 236 years.

In case you’re asking, yes, we are endorsing Obama/Biden for Re-Election because they embody the intellect of our founders, putting America first before corporate or personal greed.

We don’t believe Mr. Romney has what it takes to be President.  Not because of Bain’s outsourcing of jobs, nor his unacceptable tax policies, but because he hasn’t the motivation, nor the support team behind him, nor even a solid Republican base such as other great Republicans like Eisenhower,  Nixon and Reagan.   The political dissent within the Republican Party today and their confused, misdirected leadership will make a Romney presidency nearly impossible to succeed.

The pressure he’d face to cut taxes, reduce spending, and to manage the economy on Tea Party principles will unquestionably result in the further deterioration of the national economy with serious impact globally as well as invasion of rights, forcing religious belief into law – the antithesis of the principles set forth by the Founding Fathers.   We see this today in the mis-guided position of a chicken restaurant chain.  Under a Romney presidency, Congress will likely attempt to, and may succeed at allowing companies to enforce prejudices, unraveling the efforts of the past 50 years of civil rights, a movement originally pushed by  great Republicans like Lincoln and Eisenhower.

Is this what our fathers and grandfathers fought for?