After a contentious election, armed insurrection, and an attack on the United States Capitol Building, America is getting a new start. Four years of injustice, bigotry, racism, and the politics of hate, America can finally rejoice that someone has been elected with brains, morality, and an eye for truth.

The White House

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was elected in November 2020 to be the 46th President of the United States. He brings with him a refreshing sense of truth, justice, and equality. He also ends the previous administration’s focus on lies, exaggerations, and deceptions.

While the Nation comes to grips with the Covid 19 pandemic, leadership focused on scientific facts, medical evidence, and transparency has replaced the public lies made by the previous holder of that exalted office.

President Biden has a rough road ahead. He must fix a seriously damaged economy that for the past four years focused on Wall Street, not Main Street, as its measure of success. He expects about 100,000 deaths due to Covid per month until the vaccines are sufficiently rolled out. Sadly, his predecessor lied to the people and there is no stockpile of vaccines as promised.

Biden also has to fix a torn, broken political system. Fortunately, his party holds the House (by a slim margin) and the Senate (with a 50/50 split). In theory, his agenda should easily pass the legislative process. Yet the remnants of the previous administration linger, like the Sword of Damocles. Ardent followers of Biden’s predecessor are likely to interfere in any way possible.

Despite the uphill challenges, few in Washington have the same credentials, experience, or patience to achieve results in these and other issues. Biden, with his mellow manner, commitment to transparency, and reputation for honesty can cut through the years of lies of the preceding Administration. People are tired of the fake news, false claims, and deadly impact of a negligent government. They crave someone willing to speak the truth, even if it isn’t happy news.

Many politicians, on both sides of the aisle see this public sentiment. Unfortunately, there are some who are so committed to appeasing the minority of their party members that they’ll support the fringe element rather than the broader opinion. Those politicians who seek out support from those rebellious citizens who reject truth in favor of populist cultism, limit themselves. They will lose re-election. Supporters of the former president have committed to primary anyone not supporting the former president.

Those politicians supporting the former president don’t realize how open they’ve left themselves open to being primaried exactly for their support of the cult leader. It’s time for a reality check.

It’s a new day, a new start for this country, and Biden is just the man to achieve results.

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