Photo, courtesy NY Daily NewsMichael Oliver, an alumnus of The Epicurus Group was named in the September issue of Glamour Magazine as 30th in their list of the most influential people in fashion.

Mr. Oliver, a former consultant within our Consulting Division, is presently general manager of the ‘Wichcraft in Bryant Park in New York City.

A fellow of impeccable character and strong insight, Mr. Oliver served with distinction in the four years he worked with the Epicurus Group.

His importance in fashion? He serves huge volumes of coffee for Fashion Week held in Spring and Autumn each year. In an industry dependent upon the effectiveness of caffeine, Glamour decided his role was extremely important in the industry. In a list starting with Anna Wintour and including such notables as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Katie Ford (of Ford Models) and Frederic Fekkai, Michael’s presence is no small accomplishment.

This begs the question, who were 31 to 50?

We congratulate Mr. Oliver for yet another job well done. We’re very proud of him, and all our consultants and team members, all of whom accomplish great things.

Photo taken in Manhattan, New York on August 13, 2008, courtesy of The New York Daily News.