Richard Nixon, everyone’s favorite bad president, was able to bring Russia to the table for nuclear weapons reduction, and opened China to the West. He did not make nice with or admire the Russians, but took a wise position of strength giving him the ability to resolve the issues between us, at least in part. His era’s Republican party was firmly anti-Communist and anti-Russian.

Today, we are seeing the Republican Party not only coming to the point of appeasing Russian interests, but capitulating American values, history and government to them.

Think about this: The entire leadership team in the White House is, almost daily, being outed for their close financial and political ties to Russia. The Entire Team.

If they found one person half as close to Russia in 1969, they’d have hung that person out as a spy and arrested them for treason. Now, even the President of the United States is likely to be arrested for that crime.

Most Americans have nothing against Russia. They have issues however, with any foreign government using any means or methods to attack this country. We are at war. Nukes are not flying, bots are. And if anyone, myself included, ever things this is over because Trump was elected, think again. This is going to be in full force this year, as it has been for the past seven years, capturing local elections to ensure a presidential win.

Putin did not have a warm relationship with Obama, and despised Clinton, so he and his cohorts have been battling America to ensure we do not elect Clinton or Sanders. They’re stacking the deck to keep liberal Democrats out of office in any role.

Russians do not think only in the short term as we do. They take very long views of things on the world stage. They’ve been against liberal politics and American freedoms.

Many people have been urging Democrats to get tough because that is the best way to defeat Russians and the Republicans who admire the toughness of Russian leadership. The people who followed Trump didn’t have issues with Putin because he is a strong, tough leader. They perceived Hillary as weak, too nice, and unable to demonstrate guts, largely because of her gender and her political position. Each time she was shown being humane, they hated her more.

The Democrats must get tough, not mean. They have to show the kind of arrogant, gutsy attitude that makes Putin popular not only with his own people but also with many in the Republican party.